About Us

About JL Industrial Supply


          JL Industrial Supply was founded in 2019 as a wholly owned subsidiary of JL International Trading. With over 12 years experience gained in the Alberta oilsands as a journeyman pipefitter, supervisor, and planner, our founder recognized the need for a greater connection between suppliers and end users in the construction industry. With this experience and knowledge, he set out to find a dependable supply of quality brands that would meet the needs of contractors at a competitive price. Shortly after starting, the business was faced with an immediate hurdle in 2020 - Covid-19.
          During this time, JL Industrial Supply entered the online market as we continued to expand our product line.


          Having a shared background with our customers, we understand your needs and respect the challenges you face. We believe that we can be an asset to you and your business in your need to deliver on time, on budget projects by providing the supplies you require in a timely manner at competitive rates. We recognize that we are engaged in an industry with many moving parts that are interdependent and we look forward to earning a position in your supply chain.  

You can and should trust us!